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Bemas App brings solutions to mobile App building with no code required!
With its amazing portal, which provides powerful yet easy-to-use interface consisting of graphical icons and visual indicators that speed up your application design and development, that eliminate the hassle of generating apps manually. You can click on a button to build them automatically and get them published on app stores.

Build unlimited apps from awesome features, layouts, templates and colours provided in your dashboard. What more can you ask from a smooth CMS platform for Android and iOS apps created on the fly! Visit Bemas App portal for more...

BEMAS App, a robust mobile App development platform

BEMAS App portal is meant to simplify your mobile App development experience, with the following features

Advanced statistics

At a glance, get to monitor the activities of the applications you are developing

Powerful interface

Experience a life-time designing and development speed with awesome features from your dashboard

Desirable templates

"Paint your App world" with amazing templates that you desire


What else we provide?

Bulk SMS Solution

Our bulk SMS platform gives you access to a web portal to send SMS, API to embed in application and smpp access for larger throughput, SMS integration with your customer database, interactive SMS services and customised content bulk SMS service
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E-top up

With UNIVASA platform, you can send call credits to your loved ones anywhere and anytime.
The platform also provides provide top-up solutions through various channels.
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What our clients say

At a glance, I managed all my operations from the dashboard: I’ve been able to satisfy my customers over time with this platform

James Bob

This platform has eliminated the hassle of generating apps manually. With a click on a button to build them automatically to get them published on the app stores.

John Chuks

Who we are?

ICT and Software Solutions Provider